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Another studio update
added: September 10th 2002
Oh yes, the deadline got exceeded. Heavily! Amidst the recordings of the vocal tracks, the studio had to go through some serious scheduled rebuilding/maintenance, so I (Jacob) was expelled from the studio 'til further notice... I wont stop here, though! I got hold of a new place to record the final vocal tracks. Equipped with the U87, a tubeEQ and a compressor - here we go again! There are still quite a few hours work ahead, but I'm positive! It feels good and some of it may be the best vocals I've ever done, in my humble opinion.

The lead guitar parts were put down nicely by Flemming. He managed to exceed himself in intricacy and speed (we like that!), and recorded some really beautiful leads.

Meanwhile we've been offered to play some shows both here in Denmark and abroad, but we need to be 100% ready for it. We don't want to go out there and put on a half-ass show. So I believe we'll finish this record and THEN go kick some butt!

Some nice and some less nice studio pictures have been uploaded.