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Studio update
added: July 23rd 2002
A short studio update from Jacob Hansen:
"We started the 5th of July, unpacking the gear, mic'ing the drums and simply began playing within a few hours - we were really anxious to get rolling. Gundel actually nailed a few songs the first day! After a total of 6 days Gundel was done recording the 11 songs. Then I took over putting on some serious rhythm guitar for a couple of days. The drum tracks were recorded to a click-track and a scratch guitar. After I put 2 guitars on pretty much the whole bunch of songs, Carsten started tracking bass. He recorded the 11 tracks during three days. More rhythm guitar was laid down by me, and then we set up the gear for Flemming's lead guitars to be tracked. In two and a half days he recorded 8 lead parts, but his hand got a bit strained by playing for hours and hours. He needed a break. So we decided to start putting on vocals, which meant I had to start working again! I nailed most of the song "Writhe In Spit" the first day, but got a real sore throat... must be getting old, I guess. So now on the 16th day of recording we simply have to take a break! I've only had 1 day off from recordings, and I'm getting really stressed here! There are still a bunch of songs to be finished vocal-wise and also a few leads + bits & pieces, so the deadline we had the 1st of August could very well be exceeded."