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New songs & other news
added: March 1st 2004
- Jacob and Flemming have started writing material for the next Invocator album. Things are in the very early stages, but it’s safe to day that it’s gonna follow the melodic line of “Through The Flesh To The Soul”, as well as having a somewhat darker edge to it. So far a date for the recordings have not been set, but August/September could be possible.

- Flemming is finishing the songs for his Death/Thrash project Scavenger. A 3 track promo cd will be recorded soon and will be send to various labels in hope of securing a deal. Apart from Flemming the band consists of Morten Sørensen (Aurora, Wuthering Heights, Pyramaze) on drums and Boris Tandrup (Slugs, ex-Autumn Leaves) on bass. A Swedish singer is likely to be handling the vocal duties, but no name can be given at this point, since nothing is certain yet. Read more at http://www.scavenger.esenet.dk

- Jacob was at Jailhouse Studios putting guest vocals on a song off the new Hatesphere album due out before the summer.

- Gundel will play the drums for US act Morpheus’ (ex-Lord Bane) debut album, and they will be recorded at Hansen Studios.