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The tour is over + status
added: December 23rd 2003
The first ever Invocator gig in 8 years started in NykÝbing Falster on October 31st 2003 and ended in Haderslev on December 19th. All in all we played 15 shows together with Mercenary, and we had a fucking great time! Thanks to everyone who showed up at our concerts and supported us. It was cool to see that so many old Invocator fans were still around, and it was great to see new young Invocator fans as well. We met a lot of old friends and had a great time partying with Mercenary.

Thanks goes out to Mercenary for doing a great job as an opening act and Ziggy for the great sound.

Special thanks goes out to our roadies Peter, Jan and Niels without whom we couldn't have made it. You guys rule!

So what's going to happen next? Well, first of all we'll take a well deserved and much needed break starting now. Sometime after January or February, we will meet up again and start writing new songs. In the mean time Jakob Gundel will probably lay down the drum tracks for an American prog band (more info on that when it is confirmed) and I (Flemming) will finish the songs for my project Scavenger and start rehearsing with the guys involved. Read more here.

Oh eayh, and one more thing... remember to vote for us at Danish Metal Awards. Visit the site here.

And so all that is left is to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!