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Studio/Album update
added: February 24th 2003
So, the time is at hand! I've put on some of the very last vocal tracks the last few days, and the album will be mixed at my studio from the 24th of February 'til the 1st of March.

The titles are:

Through The Flesh To The Soul

On my Knees

Flick It On, Flick It Off

Under The Skin

Sand Between The Teeth

The Chemistry Of Restlessness

There Is No Savior

Infatuated I Am

Writhe In Spit

A Narrow Scope Of Things

Abstract War (Assassin cover song)

(in no particular order - titles are subject to change)

Scarlet records have proclaimed that the release date is around August/September. Be sure to keep yourself updated on this site or the Scarlet label site.

We still haven't found the right cover yet. We've been in contact with several artists and have some good ideas lying about, but still THE cover has not been presented to us.

As for the album title we're not exactly sure yet. More about that later.