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General update
added: January 24th 2003
We signed a deal with the nice Italian label Scarlet. That, I believe, hasn't really been mentioned here before... So now you know. I've been laying down a lot of vocal tracks lately, but due to many things and far too much (mostly unpaid) work, things are really, really delayed. Yesterday I put on some scratch vocals for the first song on the album and pre-mixed 4 songs for Scarlet. They need it to play for different business associates to decide whether this album rocks or not.

We now have a somewhat definite tracklist (titles can still change...), in no particular order, though:

Invocator – album 2003 (title TBA)

Through The Flesh To The Soul
On My Knees
Flick It On
There Is No Savior
Infatuated I Am
Sand Between The Teeth
Under The Skin
The Chemistry Of Restlessness
Writhe In Spit
A Narrow Scope Of Things
Abstract War (Assassin cover song)

Total playing time: App. 50 mins.

There is still no release date confirmed. We hope it will be before the summer.

Personal news:
Carsten broke his arm in a ski-accident. That's just how Danish people on ski are…