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Date: 02-02-2006 02:19:27
From: 009derMeier
Homepage: http://www.horrorpops.com
Location: Los Angeles

Fuck i er fede... Jeg spiller selv en helt anden type tråd, men mit metal hjerte banker stadig og i er noget af det fedeste jeg har hørt meget lœnge...Ka' man få jeres CD i USA...
Keep up the good work...

Date: 20-01-2006 12:38:14
Email: no.spam@hotmail.com
Homepage: http://www.khigh.com
Location: US

KHIGH and Power Play Records are proud to release "Wise Hedonist" worldwide! The full-length hard rock debut album of KHIGH a brand new guitar driven reality, packed with 13 songs (limited ed. 11+2 bonus tracks!!!) professionally presented and manufactured by Power Play Records of NY!

Sick of overproduced nu-sh1t? This is the album you've been waiting for!


Date: 08-01-2006 01:26:03
From: Slave to the Metal staff
Homepage: http://www.slavetothemetal.org

Are you a Slave to the Metal™?

Do you remember exactly when Heavy Metal took over your life? This page is dedicated to Heavy Metal fans that want to tell their own personal story about when they became a Slave to the Metal™.

Our current Slave Master is none other than Mistress Juliya.

Tell her what's on your mind!

Slave to the Metal™ Foundation (www.slavetothemetal.org), the philanthropic arm of Slave to the Metal™ (the Heavy Metal lifestyle brand and entertainment platform), is a portal for Heavy Metal music fans and the Music Industry to raise awareness and provide funds to those organizations and individuals that fight against the misuse of heavy metals (i.e. depleted uranium, mercury, and lead) and who are rising in outrage over other misanthrophic and genocidal initiatives, such as the forceful administration to our soliders of the untested and unapproved Anthrax Vaccine.

The mission of Slave to the Metal™ Foundation is to fund projects and activists who are in-your-face headbangers; local, national, and internet activists, outraged at injustices which are generally not covered by official media journalism or funded by typical corporate sources. The grassroots acitivists we support are those working for the people that have devoted their life to making this world a better place to live now and generations to come.

Date: 06-11-2005 10:03:10
From: Metal Mark
Email: audioaggression@hotmail.com
Homepagetitle: Audio Aggression
Homepage: http://www.myspace.com/aawebcastsite
Location: Fulton, NY(USA)

Hi Jacob!

You might remember me from a phone interview we did years ago for my metal radio show "Audio Aggression", haha! Great to see Invocator surviving in the metal underground after all these years, haha! I'm still doing my show but its now online only. Click the URL above and drop me a e-mail when you have freetime! Same goes to the rest of the band as well, haha! I hope things work out for another album in the future. Metal Forever!\m/

Date: 27-10-2005 12:46:13
From: Mick
Email: destinity66@hotmail.com
Homepage: http://www.destinity.net
Location: France

Great Band !!!
All the best...
Jacob rules !!! héhéhé...

See you soon in hell thrash metal Bro'...

Date: 14-10-2005 06:26:28
From: Judas
Homepagetitle: Demon's Flesh Official Web Site
Homepage: http://www.demonsflesh.com
Location: Argentina

Great web site! Keep grindin'! \m/

Date: 12-10-2005 01:14:30
From: ali
Homepage: http://

look our new film: "von odin zu jesus"
come to www.thepromise.de


Date: 29-09-2005 11:19:56
From: Carsten
Email: carp@esenet.dk
Homepage: http://
Location: Esbjerg

Sgu da for fedt! - Through The Flesh... - Fandeme godt gået! Og btw, cool website det her.

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