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1988 – Invocator’s first demo "Genetic Confusion" is released. The band play numerous shows. Among other supporting Artillery.

1989 - "Alterations", the demo that sold nearby 2000 copies, is released. The band play successful shows with bands like Entombed, Edge Of Sanity, Psychotic Waltz, Gorefest, Incubus (now Opprobrium), etc. etc. Invocator sign with Swedish/German label Black Mark Production.

1991 - The debut album "Excursion Demise" is recorded at Montezuma Studios, Stockholm (SWE) where bands like Memento Mori and Edge Of Sanity etc. have recorded albums. Nominated for a Danish Grammy for "best heavy metal album of the year".

1992 - Invocator again plays numerous shows (Evil Dead, Laaz Rockit, Massacre, Immolation, Pungent Stench, Atrocity etc.) and tour with legendary Dark Angel throughout Europe. Roskilde Festival is played in front of 5.000 people.

1994 - The recordings of 2nd album "Weave The Apocalypse" commence with engineer/producer Eric Greif, a.o. Death producer ("Spiritual Healing"). Tour with Paradise Lost on their "Icon" Denmark tour. Supports Sepultura at their Danish "Arise" show. Invocator records 2 cover songs for a CD featuring the old demotapes in a remastered version. The cover songs are "The Promise Of Agony" originally performed by Dark Angel, and "The Eternal War" (Artillery). The CD is called "Early Years" and marks a label change from Black Mark to Progress/Die Hard Music.

1995 - "Dying To Live", the bands third album is being recorded, Denmark is toured, but the chemistry within the band suffers from different musical directions and the band decides to split.

Invocator 2000-2001: Old frontman, guitarist and vocalist Jacob Hansen starts to write new songs together with guitarist Flemming C. Lund (ex-Autumn Leaves). A temporary drummer is found in Brian Rasmussen (Behind The Curtain, Mnemic), and the demo 2002 is recorded. As Jacob Hansen has been in more or less constant contact with earlier bassplayer Carsten N. Mikkelsen who played on "Dying To Live", it's obvious that Carsten could be the bassplyare of the band. He had been playing all kinds of music at preschool to the conservatory, and here he met drummer Jakob Gundel (ex-Withering Surface). When Jacob and Flemming spoke to Carsten about the job as a bassplayer, Carsten mentioned Gundel, and an audition was made. It was obvious that this was the right person to fill the job description!

The new line-up:
Jacob Hansen - Guitar & Vocals
Flemming C. Lund - Lead guitar
Carsten N. Mikkelsen - bass
Jakob Gundel - drums.

What happened to the old members?
Guitarist and vocalist Jacob Hansen ran a recordshop and a recordlabel, but is now focusing on a prosperous producer-career. Drummer Per M. Jensen played in Danish metal band Konkhra, but has now joined Swedish The Haunted. Bassplayer Carsten Mikkelsen went to music school and is now working as a music teacher. Guitarist Perle Hansen got himself a job and is currently more or less out of the music business.

"Excursion Demise" Black Mark 1991
"Weave The Apocalypse" Black Mark 1994
"Early Years" Progress/Die Hard Music 1994
"Dying To Live" Progress/Die Hard Music 1995

"Altar Of Sacrifice" - coversong on Slaytanic Slaughter I (Slayer Tribute)